Adam Morse is the world’s first award-winning blind filmmaker. Adam lost most of his eyesight at the age of 19 when he was diagnosed with an incurable mitochondrial disease called LHON. Since then, Adam has gone against all odds to break barriers in the entertainment business by becoming an industry trailblazer for other differently-abled artists. Adam feeds off his peripheral vision as well as his high sensitivity to people’s energies that helps him direct talent.

Adam’s feature directorial debut ‘LUCID’ (starring Billy Zane), was released on AMAZON in 2020, and it was nominated for the prestigious ‘Michael Powel Award’ at the Edinburgh Film Festival and went on to win ‘BEST DIRECTOR’ at the GOLD MOVIE AWARDS. Adam has also made headlines by becoming a “BLIND ACTION STAR” (NEW YORK POST) after appearing in a recurring role in the APPLE+ series ‘SEE’ (starring Jason Momoa), where he performed his own stunts onscreen. Adam is attached to direct a number of major studio movies, including a Sci-Fi Comedy being produced by RADAR PICTURES.

Adam joined Johnny Foreigner in 2023 after having shot a number of commercials for GSK, Maclaren, Puma and Google. Adam’s unrivalled passion, and fantastic ability to communicate, creates excellent team camaraderie on every project with stunning end products. Adam has experience in shooting live-action, CGI, sports choreography, high-speed car sequences, visual FX, models/miniatures, and animation.

A number of mainstream media articles, interviews and podcasts have been made on Adam, click the links to find out more: Huffington Post,  Variety, Guardian, BBC Sounds Podcast, Good Morning Britain