Named after a six foot invisible rabbit and being half-Canadian, half-English, probably definitely heavily influenced how silly Harvey became as a human being. Grew up watching Uncle Buck, Ghostbusters, Trading Places and Beverly Hills Cop on repeat, at a very inappropriate age. Broke a couple of parents’ sofas by doing backflips off the arms, learnt magic, and put on lip sync shows with brother and sister, taking the role of lead singer/manager.

At school he snuck into town to skateboard. Dressed up as a woman in a stage play, but scared himself by looking too much like his mum and put acting aside. Learnt to six-step in break dance class but not windmill. Forced his mates to act in a fake Take That music video, topless.

Later, studied French & Film at UCL, but quit after a year – realising literature wasn’t the same as filming bands, working on music videos or making short comedy skits with a £10 budget. Landed a French-speaking snowboarding cameraman job in the Alps, then joined an agency in London, then finally got a job at a commercials production company and started editing, photoshopping, encoding…and directing. Music videos, shorts, documentaries and ads. And here we are, proud to represent Harvey in our JF family.