Scott McCullough is an multi award-winning American director best known for his kinetic and award-winning commercials, McCullough’s most notable for working with Prince, Paul Newman, NASCAR, Ford, GM, Budweiser, Pepsi, Kubota, Target, National Veterans Foundation, Compaq, Coors, Jeep, Amtrak, and many more Fortune 500 clients on over 300 commercial projects with top ad agencies such as Leo Burnett, Doner, DDB, GTB, Global Hue, Martin Williams, Deutsch, J. Walter Thompson and many more.

McCullough’s has two feature films in preparation; “Séance” and “The Mission”. He has been developing several other features and television projects including co-writing the Sublime biopic “What I got”, the Vietnam war feature film “Captain For Dark Mornings” with Martin Sheen (Apocalypse Now) attached. Other projects include the veteran-based dramatic television series “Spent Rounds” is in development along with other films including “1983”, “26 Floors”, “Holiday Motel”, “The Flame” among them.

McCullough was the creator, writer, and director for R.J.Reynolds’ Thunder Theater 70mm NASCAR 4MM film “100%” and “No Bull” – known as the world’s largest mobile theater and multi-award winning films. He also had directed and shot over three dozen projects for Prince including major awards like the gold RIAA rated (over 1MM in sales each) projects “Gett Off” home video, “Diamonds and Pearls” home video, fan favorite “Sexy M.F” and over a dozen live concerts and other films for the music icon. Scott also received client praise as “the best looking footage GM has ever produced” with of the largest running footage shoots in General Motors history of 106 vehicles, 23 days in two countries.

Scott usually serves as his own cinematographer for commercials and is proud of his craft – keeping his sets creative, safe, exciting and efficient – with equal respect for every person working on them. He prides himself on an easy-going attitude, committed to the best results for the motion picture at all times.