Richard D’Alessio was born in Jersey and grew up in Toronto weened on hockey and beer, later he went on to become a master storyteller with a deft hand at casting, comedy and subtlety. He has since earned a preeminent reputation as an international commercial director. He’s directed over 500 commercials in 43 countries. He has four top ten-rated bud light Super Bowl commercials. He consistently captures insightful human performances and employs inventive techniques. His work has won numerous international awards including three Lions at Cannes, and has been included in four separate television specials highlighting the world’s best commercials. He’s extremely well known in countries you’ve probably never been to, like India, Vietnam, Lebanon, Russia, Kazakhstan and Thailand to name a few. For US television networks he has directed and conceived image campaigns for Shameless, Ray Donovan, Jay Leno’s Garage, Witches of East End, Lizzie Borden Chronicles, and Secrets and Lies. His high imapct ideas have helped launch shows capture record breaking audiences and sustain viewer engagement . He currently resides in constant motion with his wife and four daughters running one of largest Instagram networks on the planet dedicated to fashion and lifestyle