Kevin & Liz have an accumulated two decades of experience working on hit TV shows for every major UK broadcaster. Since jumping the TV ship to focus on directing short form features, promos and commercials, they’ve brought their editorial nous and rigour and allied it to a considered style for brands such as Swatch, MBNA, British Vogue and Mr.Porter working with talent such as Jimmy Page, Ronnie Wood and Paul Weller. With a commitment to focused storytelling, Kevin & Liz know how to put people at ease in front of camera and allow them to tell their story in their own words. Taking each and every project on it’s own merit, they like nothing more than creating a suitable style to match the work, bringing visual flair and exuberance to every frame. Kevin & Liz are represented through Johnny Foreigner as a Directing Duo and they also run their own production company Pickle Jar Films which enables them to produce and post-produce their own films.
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