Ben started out in the industry as a music video director, working with a multitude of bands. The creative freedom he found here helped him develop his own unique style and soon created films which combined his two passions; live action and animation.

During his career as an animation Director, his work won numerous awards, notably Best film at the British Animation Awards (for This Is Where We Live) and was exceptionally twice screened at Vancouver’s annual TED conference under their “Best of the year” program. 

Ben now mainly focusses on live action. He has a particular talent in bringing out the human element of any story and conveying strong emotions within beautifully shot films. Ben drives to cut to the heart of what a brand represents and stands for- be it the feelings of elation at a football match, the special moments of togetherness with families or friends or the heightened anxiety before a big event. Ben captures these moments, conveying emotion, and making the message relatable by creating empathy from the audience.