Jim Weedon

Jim began his career as an editor working with such talents as Ridley Scott, Oliver Stone, Johnathon Glazier and Jake Scott to name a few. He first broke into music videos as the youngest editor in Soho cutting for bands such as Jamiroquai, U2, Unkle, Blur and Radiohead, followed by commercials soon after and in […]

Christian Bevilacqua

Christian Bevilacqua is a multifaceted filmmaker, visual artist, and storyteller, continuously adapting his style as he embraces a delightful influx of fresh ideas. With a foundation in animation and a passion for technology, he brings an additional layer of depth to his work. Merging live action, performance, VFX, and design, he crafts dynamic and unique […]

Lee Farber

Writer/Director Lee Farber hails from a rent-controlled apartment on the Upper East Side of New York City. After graduating from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, he spent years schlepping for producers and directors, while writing in his spare time. Eventually he caught the eye of legendary talent manager and producer Bernie Brillstein, who hired him […]


BIO TEXT: Christopher Sims came of age in the feverish OC/LA skateboard scene of the late ’90s. He discovered photography in high school, where he spent every available hour in the darkroom. He graduated college with a simple AA degree and wrote and directed a semi-autobiographical no-budget feature about suburban youth living in Southern California. Sims soon began […]

James Brown

Action Comedy director James Brown was as an actor, became an editor, then started directing music videos, before cutting a niche for himself at the helm of commercials – combining a keen eye for character performance and shot composition with a subtle sense of humor… James’s work has been awarded by the U.N., the Guggenheim, […]

Dan Gifford

Dan Gifford is a multi-award winning director with over twenty years of experience in film making. He has directed over 100 commercials for a range of blue chip clients across the world, which has garnered him a stellar reputation as a leading narrative and car commercials Director. His work has picked up awards all over […]

Michael Bernard

Michael Bernard’s work as a director and cinematographer represents an interesting mix of cultures. Los Angeles born and London raised, he nurtured an early love for music while in the U.K., playing in a band and owning a record store. This passion led him to adopt a lyrical approach to camera later in his career. He […]

Steve Chase

Steve Chase grew up in Canada with dreams of becoming a professional hockey player – until a nasty concussion and 40 stitches convinced the young jock to switch careers and turn artist. With no formal training, Steve successfully graduated in Graphic Design before entering the commercial art industry. He joined renowned Swiss avant-garde company Design Link and acquired the […]

Sam Crawford

LA-based director Sam Crawford leaped into the film business after making early strides in NY art world. Crawford entered the film business as an editor but quickly segued into directing, acting as Director/DP and editor on dozens of spots for ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Capital One, the Atlanta Hawks, and Church’s Chicken, among others. Prior to […]

Jimmy Ahlander

Jimmy Ahlander, born in Sweden, started his creative path when he attended Art school at the age of 16. He continued his studies and received a Bachelor’s degree in Film and Narrative Techniques. His first animated short film, made as part of his curriculum won him several awards and scholarships for extraordinary talent in animation. Thereafter, Jimmy moved to […]