Oliver Kember

Oliver Kember is an award-winning director of mixed British-Indian-Norwegian heritage with over 25 years of filmmaking experience. Oliver began his career as a cinematographer, the results of which are seen in the beautiful lighting and considered camerawork across his reel. You’ll also find examples of his writing, editing, colour grading, sound design, composing and acting, […]

Ewan Fletcher

Ewan is an award winning filmmaker based in Edinburgh, working across commercials and branded content. Specialising in character-driven narratives as well as human interest documentary, he loves getting to know a brand and collaborating with a creative team to realise their vision. Ewan honed his skills as a director and editor through several years working […]

Peter Lee Scott

Peter Lee Scott’s seamless blend of captivating visuals and strong musicality has led him to direct ads for many of the world’s biggest brands. Known for his light comedy, and contemporary spots, Peter’s distinct style comprises innovative camera moves, stylised transitions and a playful blend of VFX. With a growing list of awards, a few […]

Niels la Croix

I’m Niels Benjamin La Croix. While it sounds like the result of an act of love between a French Châtelain and a Scandinavian herring skinner it’s quite the opposite. I’m the youngest son of a Dutch bookkeeper and a Dutch activity supervisor for elderly people. True. ‍While playing along with the Sony Hi8 cam from […]

Harvey Eaton

Named after a six foot invisible rabbit and being half-Canadian, half-English, probably definitely heavily influenced how silly Harvey became as a human being. Grew up watching Uncle Buck, Ghostbusters, Trading Places and Beverly Hills Cop on repeat, at a very inappropriate age. Broke a couple of parents’ sofas by doing backflips off the arms, learnt […]

Stuart Parr

Stuart Parr is an award winning commercials director who started his creative journey as a graduate of the School of Furniture at the Royal College of Art; an unlikely grounding for someone who has gone on to create commercials for some of the most iconic advertising agencies and clients from around the world. His carefully […]

Alex Sobolev

Alex is an internationally awarded Ukrainian film & commercials director, who started his career as an Art Director in a number of prestigious Ad agencies. Alex is a  global citizen who has lived and prospered in major cosmopolitan cities from Kyiv to London and New York. He has shot more than 50 successful TVCs. He […]

Ross Cooper

Ross Cooper is a director known for his visual humour, charming characters, remarkable transitions, clever post-production effects and even cleverer practical-in-camera-ones. Ross developed a passion for ideas with his BA in graphic design from Central Saint Martins, followed by a Masters from the Royal College of Art where he invented a new type of camera […]

Michael Sugarman

Michael Sugarman directs commercials and interactive experiences advertising cars, drugs, dog food, video games, airlines, theme parks, soft drinks, and other things you can legally get in exchange for money. His viral and interactive films have been shared by more people than the current population of Argentina, which is not to say that anyone in Argentina actually knows who he […]

James Brown

Action Comedy director James Brown was as an actor, became an editor, then started directing music videos, before cutting a niche for himself at the helm of commercials – combining a keen eye for character performance and shot composition with a subtle sense of humor… James’s work has been awarded by the U.N., the Guggenheim, […]