Sebastian is an award winning director and cinematographer based in London. He has directed and shot content for a number of high-profile brands and organisations, specialising in travel, adventure, action and outdoor brands. He has also second unit directed two feature films including the Oscar shortlisted and BAFTA nominated 'The Eagle Huntress'. His latest short short film 'One Breath: A Life Without Gravity', about a free diver, premiered at the end of 2017 in London's Leicester Square and won 'Best Documentary' at the Los Angeles Docs Film Festival. Telling stories is a way of life for Sebastian. His meticulous attention to detail, unique aesthetic eye and passion for emotive images and narratives are why his clients keep coming back. Sebastian has a remarkable sense of story and is able to capture and create moments on screen with authenticity and integrity. When Sebastian isn't making films you'll most likely find him climbing mountains or diving into ice cold lakes.

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